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We’re looking for a critically-minded Data Analyst to join our team in early 2021. If you’re analytics-driven, excited by data and detail is your thing, it’s time to unleash your talent.

Your day-to-day role will involve verifying data accuracy, updating information for reporting and advising other internal teams on what is and isn’t possible. You’ll mostly be focused on dashboards for our media clients, but there’ll be an opportunity to show off your skills in other marketing channels too.

Reporting to our Senior Data Analyst, you’ll get all the support and guidance you need in marketing data. And as your skills and experience grow, you’ll be given the chance to help create new innovative reports.

Our ideal candidate, you ask.

We’re after someone with 2-3+ years’ experience in reporting BI platforms (including Tabluea or similar). You’ll also need to be a bit of whizz when it comes to SQL/Tabluea calculations.

Our data analytics team use Tableau for data visualisation, AWS (mostly) for data capture/storage and a wider range of platforms depending on our clients’ requirements. So, any experience using these is music to our ears.

We don’t expect you to have specific qualifications but will ask for evidence of your capabilities and skills. That’s the critical bit that shows us you’ll be a quick starter from a technical perspective, you see!

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