Copywriters: channel your rage

You know you can do better. You’re tired of inadequate briefs. Ideas that drift into obfuscation.

If you’re ready to join my team of brilliant, vivacious and effective writers, I want to meet you.

But promise me this. You won’t come to me with a CV that ticks boxes. You won’t spout marketing fads at me. And you won’t tell me what I want to hear.

Promise me that you will come and tell me why I should be afraid for my job if I employ you. Show me what you will do for this agency that I cannot do, or have not even thought of.

Most of all, show me that you can write with passion and purpose, no matter what the subject. You’ll work with lovely, talented people. You won’t always have it your way, but your voice will always be heard.

I’m Stuart Constable, Head of Copy & Content, and this is my pledge to you. If it’s what you want, write and tell me why we should meet.

Location: Marlow

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